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Agile Process

Agile methodology is the buzzword in corporate world which help project management to complete rapidly in smaller versions in collaboration with multiple teams based on the continuous feedback from stakeholders.

We follow the Agile process to complete complex and long term project to make it shorter and satisfy our client by showing the project progress in regular interval by collaboration with partner's team.

Once our client agreed with quote from Partner, we act as Product Owner for continuous collaboration between the Client and the Partner team(s).

Domain Name Acquisition

Your domain name must be able to give your business a competitive edge to drive sales and enjoy maximum online presence. So, domain name acquisition is all about getting the right domain names for your business. This service plays a pivotal role in making your business and brand visible to your target audience. In most cases, domain name acquisition requires engagement and negotiation with domain owners so that you can get the perfect domain name that you want. The help of a professional can go a long way in helping you acquire the right domain name.

Our Services :

Domain Name Broker Domain Name Checker Domain Name Locker Domain Name Lawyer

Company Registration

Company registration encompasses a series of activities that help you meet the required legal compliance. It enables you to select the ideal business structure that will make it possible for your business to run effectively and efficiently. This important decision must be taken at the early stage of your business so that it can operate smoothly. Partnership, Limited Liability Company, and Public Liability Company are just a few of the possible legal formats of businesses you can choose for registering your enterprise.

Our Services :

Company Registration Company Licenses International Business Setup Company Lawyer

Trademark & Copyright

Unauthorised and unlawful distribution or copying of your ideas or works can have negative impacts on your business. These can affect you morally and economically. And this is why you need to protect your ideas and works. Copyright/trademark offers you exclusive rights and protects your creations against any form of misuse and infringement. Whether you have a new book, film, software, process or other creations, trademark/copyright protects your rights across various locations and sectors. A professional can come in handy to coordinate the enforcement of copyright/trademark.

Our Services :

Trademark Search Trademark Registration Copyright Registration Patent Search

Logo Designing

A logo forms an essential part of your business and revolves around your business branding. It goes far and beyond to improve the recall value of your brand. Therefore, you must get your logo designing right as it shows your prospective clients what your business is all about. Your business logo must have all vital elements that ensure effectiveness and create a good first impression about the services or products that you are capable of offering to your clients. These elements include your business-related icons, style, color, and font.

Our Services :

Logo Design Logo Animation Calligraphy Logo Design

Website & App Development

Website and app development encompasses the creation of website and app programs that are deliverable to the device of your audience. This service makes the users be able to easily access the content that you are offering them. Your website and app must be responsive and accessible without having any security issues that can affect its performances. This necessitates the need for top-of-the-range website and app development solutions that can engage your audience and assist you to achieve your business targets.

Our Services :

Website Development E-commerce App Development Blog Chatbots

Accounting & Auditing

To make sure that the financial records of your business are accurate, you cannot do without accounting and auditing. Accounting services offer you unrivaled strategic business advice to assist you to improve your business, comply with the legal requirements, improve your tax-saving, and boost your revenue and efficiency. Auditing focuses on reviewing and examining various business tasks and records independently to guarantee that your business complies with standard procedures and policies and evaluate the system controls. Good accounting and auditing services can go extra miles to secure the financial future of your business.

Our Services :

Accounting Book Keeping Auditing Payroll Management

Legal & Tax Filing

It is important to protect your rights and comply with the tax regulations. Legal and tax filing takes care of all issues related to legal and tax compliance; thereby, ensuring that you and your business are not against the law. In addition, legal and tax filing allows you to adjust to all necessary regulatory changes that can affect your business and enhance the compliance processes of your enterprise. The assistance of well-versed and seasoned legal and tax filing professionals can play a major role in adding better value to your business.

Our Services :

Corporate Compliance Labour Compliance Individual Tax Filing GST Registration & Filing

Company Branding

Company branding is an all-important process that creates a long-lasting and impressive connection between your business and the audience. It influences how the users feel about your business whenever and wherever they come across it. This process gives your business a unique voice, builds trust, and helps you acquire and retain many customers. A few of the important steps in company branding include the developing personas, messaging mediums, and value propositions as well as defining positioning statements and carrying out competitor analysis.

Our Services :

Email Campaign Explainer Video Offline Branding AdTech Campaign

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing involves all efforts targeted at widening the reach of your business via the internet. Billions of individuals are now on the internet; hence, every business has a chance to reach a larger segment of their customer through the use of digital marketing. An effective internet marketing campaign can take your enterprise to the next level by boosting the traffic as well as conversions to your site. From search engine optimization (SEO) to email marketing, content marketing, affiliate marketing, pay per click (PPC) and marketing automation, there are tons of channels for digital marketing.

Our Services :

Social Media Marketing Search Engine Optimization Content Marketing Influencer Marketing